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Monday Morning Message: Sherlock & His Alter Ego

Monday Morning Message

“The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun.”
Benedict Cumberbatch

Graphic by Tom Trager


Sherlock’s Star Trek Kitchen Audition

This is so awesome! Actor Benedict Cumberbatch (aka the new Sherlock) auditioned and scored a part in the next JJ Abrams Star Trek by auditioning on his iPhone in a kitchen over the Christmas holiday. Can’t wait for the upcoming Sherlock episode and to find out what evil one Cumberbatch’s going to play in Star Trek…Could it be Khan?


Interesting article on Cumberbatch in the NY Times.

Jon Goes On…More Friday Fun!

“No one can do anything better than the Doctor…except maybe Sherlock Holmes.”

Via: Buzzfeed