Dorktales: Classic Storytelling with a Geekish Twist

Geek Club Books: Dorktales

The Three Little…HOGS? Who has ever heard of that? According to Mr. Redge, it’s a classic tale from the fairy tale cannon! According to Percy, “It’s epic, man!”

It’s the first of an original script created exclusively for Geek Club Books by Karen Simpson Gardiner with audio recording and editing by Michael Meyer.

Mr. Redge and I are the “storytellers” and we share the classic tale of three little pigs…I mean…hedgehogs. I voice all the characters:

  • Porky, a goofy, lovable hedgehog who builds his house of straw
  • Percy, who’s more amped about surfing, dude, than building, so it’s sticks for him
  • Peregrin, the uber-brain who knows how to use a rapier and outfox a wolf
  • And, the wolf who is just doin’ his wolfy thing

The audio recording is available for FREE download to all of Geek Club Books subscribers.


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When it comes to those who are different…
Maybe we should look at it from their points of view.

Saatchi&Saatchi for Sci Fi Channel

Saatchi&Saatchi for Sci Fi Channel

Source: Saatchi&Saatchi for Sci Fi Channel

Source: Saatchi&Saatchi ad campaign for Sci Fi Channel

Star Wars Tournament: My Kind of March Madness

Star Wars March Madness

Now this is a March Madness tournament I can get into!

First round:
The Light Side is the Battle of the Jedi Masters: Master Yoda vs. Mace Windu
The Dark Side is the blue bounty hunter versus the plundering pirate! Cad Bane vs. Hondo Ohnaka

Who will win?

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