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Inspiration…Note to Self

Monday Morning Inspiration

Can’t pass this one off on someone else…gotta own our own happiness.

Source: Nico Lopez via Behance


Monday Morning Message: Sherlock & His Alter Ego

Monday Morning Message

“The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun.”
Benedict Cumberbatch

Graphic by Tom Trager

Monday Morning Message…The Doctor on Life

Dr. Who on Life

Monday Morning Message: George R. R. Martin on Writing

Game of Thrones

“The odd thing about being a writer is you do tend to lose yourself in your books. Sometimes it seems like real life is flickering by and you’re hardly a part of it. You remember the events in your books better than you remember the events that actually took place when you were writing them.”

George R. R. Martin

Image source: nommon on etsy

Monday Morning Message…Steve Jobs and the Wizard of Oz

Monday Morning Message: Steve Jobs

In other words, have a brain, heart and courage… 🙂

Monday Morning Message…JJ Abrams and Geek Acceptance

Monday Morning Message...JJ Abrams

Monday Morning Message…Twain on April Fools

Mark Twain on April Fools