“You’re just not one of us, are you?”

jonathan_murphy With only an image and some text, Jonathan Murphy was challenged to quickly develop a voice to perform for Bob Bergen.  First one up…first take…and Bergen replies, “You’re just not one of us, are you?  Wow…dude… that was awesome!”  The entire session took nine minutes and the finished product, according to Bergen, “was perfecto.”

Jonathan Murphy is a refreshing new talent – a disciplined actor who’s comfortable with a range of challenges from Shakespeare to cartoon characters.

He’s a director’s dream – able to improvise, take direction and make quick and subtle changes.  He’s real – the nice guy, the nerd, everyman – yet not afraid to take it way, way out.

Jonathan Murphy is a professional – trained by the best in Bay Area theater and voiceover.  He’s performed live on stage in numerous productions, trains and performs for children at elementary schools throughout the Bay Area, does voiceover and commercial on-camera work for clients.

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“This was my first time working with Jonathan, and I was very impressed with his dedication to making sure he was giving me what I wanted from his character, and he took every piece of direction I gave him and ran with it.  He was continually looking for ways to add to the show throughout the rehearsals.  At a recent performance he made a ‘save’ to a moment when things could have gone awry that showed me he was not only in character but thinking smartly about how to set things right and make a mistake by another actor look like it was supposed to happen all along – – it was brilliant.  I’d happily cast Jonathan again in the future.”  Troy Johnson, Director

“Jonathan Murphy is an inspirational person.  He is a multi-talented voiceover artist…He surprises you with his imagination.” Holly Dorff

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