Jon Goes On…Moonrise Kingdom Movie Review

Cool poster by MonsterGallery

PROS : )
• The soundtrack
• Wonderful characters
• The cinematography is like a dream
• Wes Anderson’s strange but magical style
• A charmingly whimsical yet serious story about love

CONS : (
• If you’re not a fan of Anderson’s quirky oddball style this will not appeal to you

If you love weird dreamlike art house movies or Wes Anderson you will love this, and if you’ve never seen/experienced one of his movies before this is a good place to start. 


One response to “Jon Goes On…Moonrise Kingdom Movie Review

  1. Saw Moonrise Kingdom this weekend and liked it more than I thought I would (and I thought I’d like it a lot). It does have Wes Anderson’s quirky hands all over it, but in the end you care about the characters, and that’s what’s important.

    Thanks for the review.

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