Played to Completion! Batman Arkham Asylum

There are lots of superhero video games out there and many just seem to be capitalizing on the name, but this game actually made me feel like I was in the cape and cowl of Batman. You have the thinking and fighting skills, detective abilities, stealth, and cool gadgets of Batman.

The Arkham Asylum game play and story feel as though they are straight out of a comic book, and Batman’s rogue’s gallery of villains is fun to match up against. There is outstanding voice acting…I thoroughly enjoyed Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hammill as the Joker. The two also voice the animated series. Logistically, I felt the developers created a great atmosphere and good game play mechanics.

The only flaw…The final fight was anti-climatic. After such a great challenge to get to the end, I expected a more difficult final battle.

Now it’s on to Arkham City!


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