Jon Goes On…The Avengers

I just couldn’t wait, so I braved the crowds on opening weekend, sat first row, center and patiently watched 25 minutes of previews…did I mention that I was excited to see this movie?

PROS : )
• EXCELLENT casting and the actors had great chemistry.
• Every character had a chance to shine.
• Well written script with a sense of humor and plenty of dramatic moments (I appreciated that the movie didn’t take itself too seriously).
• Superb combination of comedy, drama, and action.
• The final battle scene was thrilling and worth the build up.

CONS : (
• I don’t really have any but I guess if I’m going to be nit-picky I’d say that there are five movies that are the prequel to The Avengers, and if you just came to see this movie, you’d lose some of what was going on. (So just see them too!)

This one lived up to its pre-opening hype.

Stay for the scene after the ENTIRE credit roll. Very funny and worth the wait!


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