A Creative Life…Holly, a popular lifestyle blogger

Many of Jonathan Murphy’s friends and family LIVE a creative life! Here’s a look at…

Holly W., the Healthy Everythingtarian.

Holly is another one of Jonathan’s many second-cousins from the Minnesota Strong clan. She writes a blog where she puts her view of life, eating, personal issues, and passions out there for all of us to read. Her style is open, honest, witty, and fun. She “lets her freak flag fly” to empower us to do the same, and she shares how she works towards living a healthy, balanced life.

“I’m a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, fruititarian, pescatarian and raw foodist all rolled into one. I’m an Everythingtarian, yo.”

Curious? Find more at Holly, The Healthy Everythingtarian.

Images from The Healthy Everythingtarian


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