Jon Goes On…My Favorite Films in 2011

“This movie was not at all what I expected it to be…I anticipated something kinda cheesy. But I was surprised at how the story was so well thought out and the depth of the characters. It could have been cliche, and a very silly movie…like I said it was a pleasant surprise.”

“An Indiana Jones style action movie done right! It was fun, fast-paced and the action scenes were fantastic.”

“Even though it’s a children’s film, it never talks down to its audience. It’s very story and character driven…superb acting…and one of the best uses of 3D. Scorsese really gets how to use 3D without making it too gimmicky.”

“I’ve heard mixed reviews about this film, but there’s just something about it…there’s so much heart…I was just smiling the entire time. It’s a perfect homage to Spielberg’s coming of age flicks.”

“This movie was just so well made! It’s a simple story with a strong message for our nostalgia-based culture. Great cast, funny, romantic, charming, well-directed…I’m a huge Woody Allen fan and this goes down as one of his best, and my number one favorite in 2011.”


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