A Creative Life…Mike Brindley, Poet and Performer

Many of Jonathan Murphy’s friends and family LIVE a creative life! Here’s a look at…

Mike Brindley, an extraordinary poet and theater performer.

Jonathan has tons of cousins…first cousins, second cousins, first-cousins once removed…yep, there’s a lot of them! Mike, a cousin from the Minnesota Strong clan, is quite the creative guy. He’s written over 3,000 poems and he’s published some of his favorites on blurb.com. Here’s a beautiful example…

Here take my lovely warm hanky
Just wipe your tears out

I’m standing next to you sweet loving angel
He said to her chin up
Here take my lovely warm hanky just wipe
Your tears out she said to him you are

So romantic person he put his one hand on your
Cheek he smiled and the boy said
I always see you cry your tears was warm and gentle
I seen that smile of yours very soft and cuddly

And the girl said to him well I like that you just said
To me and the boy he was in love
He came closer touching her warm baby face and he
Kissed her twenty minutes long

Mike is also an Interact actor, performing on stage in productions at The Lab Theater in Minneapolis. You can see him and his fellow performers in this short rehearsal clip from Life is Sweet.

Their current production, JOY, A Holiday Cabaret, is getting rave reviews! If you live in Minneapolis, there’s still time to check it out. You’re guaranteed to leave with a good dose of the Christmas spirit!

Poem taken from from Mike Brindley’s Falling in Love is Worth Wild
Images of Mike by Carrie Brindley


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