Jon Goes On…Christopher Moore

The life of an actor…you’re on the road to auditions, to rehearsals, to the set…to your day job. You can rack up a lot of on-the-road time while trying to make a living. One of Jonathan Murphy’s favorite companions on his treks to and fro is author Christopher Moore. “I enjoy listening to his audiobooks,” says Jonathan, “His stories are comedic and quirky along with great plots. His books take lots of twists and turns and are surprisingly deep for such goofy comedies. He creates characters you end up really caring about.”

FAVORITE CHRISTOPHER MOORE BOOK: “It’s a tie between Fool and The Stupidest Angel. Fool is a Shakespearean parody…It’s King Lear told from the point of the view of the Fool. If you like Shakespeare, you’ll love how he cleverly brings in bits and pieces from all of his plays. TSA appears to be a sappy Christmas story, but it’s really a tale of terror (with a comedic twist).”

FAVORITE CHARACTERS: “I haven’t read or listened to all of CM’s books but so far it’s Roberto, a talking fruit bat in The Stupidest Angel and Island of the Sequined Love Nun and Catch, the invisible dwarf dinosaur demon in Practical Demon Keeping.”

NEXT ON-THE_ROAD AUDIOBOOK: “I’m looking forward to The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove. I mean the title alone is enough to catch my attention!”

For Bay Area peeps, Christopher Moore is coming to Litquake on Monday, October 10!


One response to “Jon Goes On…Christopher Moore

  1. I liked you’re comments on Christopher Moore audio books.

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